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Logistics Department has the capability to place orders instantly, process them through, trace orders, as well as get the updated information regarding the spare part number changes, stock status of the parts, warranty procedures and results. AOG materials shipped from Europe are delivered within 48 hours (72 hrs for the US) with their customs formalities completed.


Skyline Logistics Department is committed to provide spare parts and components reliably and quickly from our own warehouse as well as through a wide network of partners. We keep over 1,5 M USD worth of spare parts and components in our inventory. All of the spare parts are provided from OEMs or Vendors certified by EASA/FAA.


We are up-to-date with OEM inventories and member of several online parts portals. All AOG spare parts needs are fulfilled within 48 hours from Europe and 72 hours from North America. All Customs requirements are finalized within one working day.


We provide logistics solutions to your overhaul and repair needs by arranging door-to-door solutions through our solution partners all over the world.


  • Worldwide, quick and easy

  • In total we carry over 20,000 different parts in stock ranging from screws to premium-quality exchange components

  • Mainly aircraft spare parts for Legacy 600, Beechcraft King Airs, Hawker aircraft, Bell 430, Bell 429 and A109E

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