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Skyline acknowledges that quality and error-free maintenance work requires well trained and qualified personnel. We aim to create behavioral improvement and change pre-existing wrong.

As Skyline, we know that the most important factor in quality and error-free maintenance applications is the qualified technical personnel who have received the correct training. With our trainings, we aim to create behavioral change in our participants, to break the well-known false patterns and to provide a positive change at both personal and organizational levels. With the modern methods we apply, we accelerate the learning processes of our participants, and enable you to make the necessary practical applications during the training so that the learned knowledge can be put into practice. We guarantee 100% participant satisfaction with our effective methods and expert trainers.

Our comfortable training hall located in our training location Esenboga Airport Hangar allows the participants to follow the training without interruption, to have tea / coffee whenever they want during the training, and to carry out group work effectively. Meeting with participants from different companies in the sector, networking and exchanging information about the practices of other companies stands out as another contribution of our open-to-participation trainings.

We can also organize all the trainings in our training catalog, specifically for your organization; However, the more important benefit is that the training is designed entirely according to the expectations and needs of the organization. Before the company-specific trainings take place, our experts visit your organization, mutually evaluate your expectations from the training and especially the messages to be given, and maximize the benefit from the training by integrating the agreed issues into the training.

Skyline Aviation and Defense Industry Trade Inc. The trainings that we can provide in-house and outside the company, which we can provide on-site thanks to our capabilities within the scope of aircraft maintenance authorization, are listed below:

  • SHY / SHT-145 Beginner and Refresher Trainings

  • SHY / SHT-M Beginner and Refresher Trainings S

  • HY / SHT-66 Initial and Refresher Trainings

  • SHY / SHT-147 Initial and Refresher Trainings

  • Human Factors Initial and Refresher Trainings

  • Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)

  • Initial and Refresher Trainings

  • Relevant Technology Initial and Refresher Trainings

  • Safety Management System (SMS) General Information Training

  • Fuel Tank Safety Phase 1 (Fuel Tank Safety Phase 1)

  • Initial and Refresher Trainings Corrosion Control Training

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Training

  • Hidden Damage Inspection (HDI) Training

  • ATA SPEC 300 (Packaging) System Training

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Training

  • Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) General Information Training

  • Receiving and Storage (Incoming Inspection) Training

  • Aircraft Maintenance Documentation Training

  • Aircraft Towing Training SHGM Form-1 Filling & Using Training

  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (Dye Penetrant Testing) General Information Training

  • Embraer EMB-135/145 (RR Corp AE3007A) Engine Ground Run-Up Training

  • Leonardo Agusta Westland A109E (PWC PW206 / 207) General Familiarization Training

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