Airport and Heliport Construction

Koçoğlu has taken part in construction of following Airports

  • Çukurova Airport
  • Isparta Airport
  • Konya Airport

Çukurova International Airport
Çukurova Region – Turkey

  • Second Largest Airport in Turkey, will be able to handle 30 million passengers/year.
  • Total Land Acquisition 8.000.000 m2 , Terminal Building and Other Buildings 400.000 m2 , – Apron 243.000 m2 , Free Trade Zone 610.000 m2, Runway(3500 m x 60 m ), Taxiroute (3500 m x 45 m).
  • BOT model, 15 years of full operation (Domestic & International Terminals, Hangars, PAT Area, Cargo Terminal, Logistic Warehouses etc. all premises) by Koçoğlu.
  • Free Trade Zone, Logistics Village, Cargo Hangar, General Aviation Hangars are all under Koçoğlu privilege.

Turkish Army Aviation School
Isparta, Turkey

  • Redeployment of Turkish Army Aviation School from Ankara to Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport
  • Construction of hangars (heli&aircraft), heliports, runways, maintenance center, first aid station, convention, administrative, educational buildings, dormitories etc.
  • Completed in 2015

Konya Airport
Konya, Turkey

  • Infrastructure of Apron: 120 m*250 m
  • Superstructure of; Terminal building: 5.500 m2, Taxi route: 1642 m and Other buildings: 2.700 m2
  • Passenger capacity: 600.000 passengers/year


Koçoğlu has constructed (both infrastructure and superstructure) 17 heliports across Turkey in 2 years time to accommodate the 19 helicopter ambulances they had. All heliports had hangars to keep and maintain the helicopters as well as office, resting, dining and lavatory spaces for the personnel.