All About Aviation

Skyline Transportation Trade Inc. In 1995, Esenboğa Airport entered the aviation sector as the SHY 145 Authorized Aircraft Maintenance Center in the Special Hangars Region.

Koçoğlu Group, which won the first Helicopter Air Ambulance Tender of 17 Helicopters launched by the Ministry of Health in 2008, included the Skyline Maintenance Center in the same year and included Helicopter Operation in its Operator License.

Our company continues its operations in the civil aviation sector without compromising its priority concept of flight safety.



To become a leading company sought by successful operations carried out by flight, technical, training and administrative teams specialized in the field and to contribute to the realization of our country’s targets in a modern and reliable aviation system.




  • To ensure the safety of our customers, partners and employees in air and ground operations without compromising flight safety.
  • Commitment to fulfill all requirements of Turkish DGCA, ICAO, EASA and ISO in a timely manner.
  • To meet the expectations of our solution partners and customers and to adopt a satisfaction-based joint relationship.